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PCB Exposure box with LEDs

I used the ‘shell’ of an old scanner as the housing of an PCB exposure box using UV LEDs. It has a control panel with an LCD screen and 4 buttons on the front. An AVR microcontroller controls the process.

The box with all the LEDs turned on

Through the provided settings in the menu, you can set the exposure time, which panels to enable (top, bottom or both), LCD display backlight and if you want to halt the process if the lid is open. It also has 10 slots where you can save settings for future sessions.

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AVR Infinite Runner

I wanted to make an infinite runner game. But since “software” infinite runners are so mainstream these days and I also had a lot of purple LEDs laying around, I decided to make one in “hardware”.

I created a screen using purple LEDS and for input I used three buttons. Two buttons are used to moving your dot up and down and one is used as a restart button. Everything is controlled using an AVR Atmega8 microcontroller.

The rules are simple: hitting dots head-on is game over, but hitting them with your side is extra points. As you get more points, the game goes faster and faster. After your dot dies, it displays your score with scrolling text.
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