temperature-map-gl.js – Minimalist pure Javascript Heat Map Library using WebGL shaders

Minimalist Library to draw temperature maps (heat maps) using WebGL in pure Javascript. Except a O(N) pre-process step which is done in Javascipt, all calculations and drawing are done with shaders in WebGL, so it is pretty fast. It is also very small (~3kB minified and gzipped)

‘OES_texture_float’ extension is required.

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Spirates is a PC game that I am developing with a friend since 2012. Game graphics are in 2D.

In Spirates, the player assumes the role of a space pirates who starts with a broken raft in a forgotten planet and ends up to be the most notorious pirates of the seas of space. On his way he finds mutated house cats, pimped wooden boats with rockets, whales, zombies and other curiosities. He conquers cities, makes enemy boats his own kai hires scum for crew.

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Home Automation and More

Home Automation and More, or HAM is a home automation system I and a collegue devised in 2015 using wireless technology and power electronics. I built most of the first working prototype, using an AVR microcontroller, ESP-8266 wifi module and a simple TRIAC driver circuit. The prototype is able to measure power consumption using an Allegro Hall effect current sensor and a voltage measurement circuit I designed.

The first protoHAM

For the software part I wrote a website in PHP, a mobile app utilizing Apache Cordova, a control server using nodejs and wrote the firmware in C.
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Automatic News Extraction From Twitter – Diploma Thesis

The subject of my diploma thesis was designing and implementing a system that given a dataset of tweets, it recognises real world events in it. Ideally, it also recognises the relationships between the extracted events, generating storylines as a result. Results are visualized on a web browser. You can see the implemented user interface with some results here. The describing essay is written in greek.

Part of presentation ui

The system includes a program for retrieving and pre-processing historical tweets using the twitter REST API, a program that pre-process tweets stored in a file (you use one or the other), a program that analyses tweet pre-processed tweets and a website that presents the results to the user. The user interface is also used to evaluate the results. All programs are implemented in python and the website is in HTML + Javascript.

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TichuIQ is a website for playing tichu with other people online.

I with a friend created it on 2012 as the final project for a web development seminar we were attending. It offers features such as global and room chat, private rooms, score tracking, ranking, achievements and of course playing tichu.

The main game webpage of TichuIQ

It was written from scratch in PHP and we are using MySQL as the database server. It uses only HTML5 so it can potentially run everywhere. It is essentialy a server side game and can run even on cheap hosting. However, since it relies on polling to get data, it doesn’t scale very well. In 2013 we had to switch to a dedicated server. On the time of writing this it has about 35.000 users and about 100 online at any given time.